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Come on Down!

Sulphur Church Signing


Noon - 2 pm.

Middletown Public Library

(Middletown, IN)


Sales have been brisk, the crowds have been wonderful, and the book reviews (click here to read some on Amazon!) have been fantastic!

And Winnie and Judy and I have been very, very humbled by the love and and so very appreciative of the support of everyone as we've shared his TRUE life story with the world.  I had to emphasize the word "TRUE," because much of it is just incredible and almost unbelievable.

Yes, it is available on Amazon...but...if you live in the Middletown area, this is your lucky day! Stop by the Middletown Library at noon.  Winnie and I will share for a few minutes about the book and how it came to be, and then for just $13 you can get your very own signed copy of "UNSINKABLE" to read over the weekend.  

The weather is great (for January in Indiana...) and it'll be wonderful to see you all!

Come on Down!


I Got Nothin'

MpM babies Nov 2014

                                                                                                             photo by Dave Bell, director of MpM

This is one of those mornings when I sit down to write my blog post and I got nothin' to write about.

I haven't taken any photos for a couple of days...(what is wrong with me?!) instead of looking at a lot of nothingness, I borrowed this adorable photo my friend Dave took of some of the babies at their Mahali pa Maisha infant rescue center.


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