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Here's your trivia question for the day...What is a large group of parrots called?  I had no's called a "pandemonium"!  Crazy! I tried posting this video yesterday of the clay lick we hiked to in Peru, but the website got all wonky and I got frustrated and removed it.  So thought I'd try it again, all by its lonesome. Enjoy the pandemonium!

"Wise Guys and Starry Skies"


We started in September...I had wanted to do a children's Christmas musical at our church last year, but my health got in the way.  So this was the year...14 of the sweetest, most talented children that you will ever meet just happen to attend our church, and they made their director (that's me in the back...the one with the crazy hair...guess I was a bit "harried" that day...) VERY PROUD!

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Mama's Memories: Carolina Childhood Christmas

Christmas brings out the reminiscing in me...thought I'd republish this post and video from a few years back (2010), of Mama sharing her Carolina childhood Christmas memories...back when life was harder but in many ways a whole lot simpler.  ENJOY!


Coca cola santa 1949

Mama has some special memories of Christmas as she was growing up in North Carolina in the 1940's and '50's.  Her family may not have had much money, but there was plenty of love to go around and magical memories for a little girl!


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The Boxer, Part 3: Surprise Chat with President Eisenhower

(As we celebrate Dad's life the next few days, I am re-posting this interview I did with him 6 years ago when dementia was beginning to get a grip on him.  I did not want these stories to be lost!  Enjoy!)

originally posted February 2, 2009


If only these shoes could talk!  Dad wore these boxing shoes as he danced around the ring, delivering knock-out blows to many of his opponents.



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