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Crazy Fun Spring & Summer!


I may look calm, relaxed, and collected in this photo...well, actually I WAS at that moment...but what a wild ride we've had the last few months!

I'm SO FAR behind on my photo editing and blogging that I'm not sure where to even start catching up.

But never fear, I NEVER slowed down on my picture-taking!

Trip to the Holy Lands.

Grandsons' baseball.

Granddaughters' softball.

My nephew Wyatt's college baseball.

Vacation Bible School.

Lake getaway with my girlfriends.

College World Series.

Family beach vacation.

...just for starters...


So I'll start plugging away at getting caught up from the whirlwind of travel and activities. It's all been AMAZING and SO MUCH FUN!!! Not only do I want to share it with you all, but I want to document it for my own self. 

To kick it off, check out tomorrow's post.

What a crazy fun spring and summer!