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Catching Up


Wonder where I've been??? (Sometimes I wonder too...)

I just got home from a 2-week mission trip to visit our missionary friends Dave and Jen Bell at their infant rescue home in Kenya. Here I'm holding one of the precious babies they are caring for.

It's been a wild past 4 months of traveling! Since our Patagonia/Antarctica trip in November, we've spent a month in Africa, then came home for a short time before going back to Kenya again for 2 weeks. And in between, we've celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas and a few grandkids' birthdays. And now we're getting ready for Easter. And in my spare time, I'm helping my daughter Emily coach the Shenandoah High School girls' tennis team.

It's been a too-hectic pace for this girl. I'm ready to store the suitcases away and stay in our cozy cabin for awhile.

And sort through my thousands of photographs that I've gotten behind on. And blog. I've missed doing both of those. I've got oodles of photos and stories to share, but I've been too busy catching up to catch up. If you know what I mean...

In case you thought I'd dropped off the face of the earth, I haven't. And I haven't given up blogging either. Stay tuned as I begin bombarding you with photos and tales of my recent life adventures, from the other side of the world and from my very favorite place on earth, right here in the middle-of-nowhere, USA. 

I'm finally...

...catching up.