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Ze Plane! Ze Plane!


My hometown may be just a tiny dot on the map, but Hagerstown has a very nice little airport of its own and the longest grass runway in the country.  In recent years they have hosted what is billed as "The Flying Circus" and Kim and I, along with my parents, took Karter and Kaden (on what was the HOTTEST day of the summer, so far!) to see what it was all about.


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"Wicked" was WONDERFUL!


Saturday morning my husband Kim cleaned out the chickenhouses and hauled manure.  Saturday afternoon he and I headed into Indianapolis for a fancy date in the big city.

Yes, my man is a one-of-a-kind...which is no surprise at all to any who know him.



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Our son and daughter-in-law had very generously gifted us with tickets to the Broadway musical Wicked...not just any old tickets (which would have been awesome in itself), but 3rd row front and center!!!


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