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I'll spare you the photo...but I got up at 4:30 this morning to give myself a few enemas before heading to Indy for my flexible sigmoidoscopy.

Which is kind of a specialized colonoscopy, I think. My surgeon wants to check out the situation so he can make his game plan for my January 18 surgery.

So that's the fun morning I have planned.

One thing I've certainly learned is how to clean myself out. I'm an expert at that! And I'm starting this Tuesday morning...


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Not to Worry....


The good news is...I'm 2/3 through my radiation treatments!  And the side effects have been manageable and not nearly as bad as they could be.  Trust don't want the details...

The bad news is I've still got 9 treatments left to go.  But I'm clicking them off, day by day...October 1 will be my LAST radiation treatment!!!

I found this sign hanging in the Cancer Center rather amusing.  Especially considering that my area of treatment is "where the sun don't shine" anyway...never has and never will!

Not to worry...

Have a terrific weekend, y'all!