Triple Birthday Celebration

Mother's Day


My kids have been giving me a hard time about being behind in my blog posting, so in typical "mom" fashion I'll show them!

Here I am ROCKING IT just a few hours after Mother's Day! :)

I am such a blessed mama!!! God sent me 4 amazing children and gave me the privilege of rearing them. I know pride is a sin, but can I just say I'm overjoyed/thrilled/blessed with the wonderful godly adults they have grown up to be?! I give all the credit to Him...but am so thankful that I was the vessel He used!

Yesterday was a great reminder of that blessing! All 4 of my children connected with me, even though illness (Krew) and a softball game (Lucy) didn't allow us all to be together at once. 

But we were very grateful to get to spend Mother's Day evening with our two oldest children and their families.



Emily is a fantastic momma to Ellie and Koda!


I couldn't ask for a better daughter-in-law than Dana who is such a terrific mother to our 4 oldest grandbabies!

My other 2 daughters-in-law are fabulous mothers too...I just didn't get any photos of them yesterday.


I thank God every day for entrusting Kim and me with 4 wonderful children to rear and for the amazing adults they are!

Every day...

...and an extra "thank you" on Mother's Day.



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