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Today is my birthday, 66 years old.

And it's off to a great start! Got several texts from family and friends...


...a sweet note from a couple of my grandbabies this morning...


  ...and a fun handmade gift from Kim! When he told me he was making me a gift, I had NO IDEA what to expect as he's not (how shall I say this???) what you'd call a "crafty" fellow.

But he done good this time!

Last year when we cut that tree down, I told him to save those trunk sections, that they'd make some unique planters. And he made it happen!

I've always loved hen & chicks plants, so he's got them started for me.

Love my man!



Last week, my friends Brenda and Peggy took me out for my birthday lunch celebration.


The Birthday Girl always gets to wear the tiara! Queen for a day! 


A busy birthday planned...lunch out with Kim, coffee with my besties, and then heading down to Harrison, Ohio to watch my grandson Daniel graduate from preschool.

My heart is full! And I thank my Father God...

...for 66.



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