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Tree of Memories


Our 2022 Christmas tree is up!


All 11 feet of it...a wonderful display of memories. Here are a few of my favorites...



Our newest ornament, purchased in Arizona near the Grand Canyon and made by the Navajo people there...


...and we brought this one home from Africa, purchased while on safari in Botswana this past January.



Underneath the tree is the tree skirt Mama made for us the second Christmas in our new house (where Kristoffer and Dana live now).

And no, there are no wrapped gifts under it yet. Don't rush me...I've still got 20 days! (YIKES!!!)



There are many that my sister Barb made...back in her craft show days...


And several I made as well. This is one of my favorites...I cut out the wood and painted it, way back in 2000.


These footprint ornaments make me smile (I have two)...they are from the now-10-year-old twins' first Christmas...



When I first started playing tennis over 20 years ago, one of the gals I play with gave me this tennis ornament. I still love it and love to play!


My favorite lighthouse...Cape Lookout, North Carolina. So many memories made over my entire lifetime along those miles of seashore...



Many from our travels...this one I bought on the National Geographic ship during our Antarctica adventure last November...



From Yellowstone in winter 2020...right before Covid rocked our world...



Santa riding a sea turtle, bought on a trip to Hawaii several years ago...



Another tropical themed ornament, this one from St. John Virgin Islands bought in Feb. 2014 when the temperature in Indiana was sub-zero almost the entire time we were enjoying the tropical warmth.



Another one from Africa, this one from Kenya...



I treasure several crocheted snowflakes that Mama made just after I was married. Such delicate and precise work...lots of hours...



Always the last to get added, but the most special one of all. Baby Jesus in his walnut-shell bed...made in the children's department of Beech Grove Church of the Brethren, where Kim and I attended early in our marriage.



And all over the tree this year we've hung old-fashioned icicles, just like Kim and I had on our childhood trees. When you get old, like us, you get a bit nostalgic around Christmas time.

It's more than just a Christmas decoration...'s a tree of memories.



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