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Halloween Throwback

Halloween 2018

Halloween 4 years ago, 2018.


These are our grandchildren Koda and Ellie.



This was my first photo shoot with these two, but I was not allowed to show those precious faces on social media because they were foster children at the time.



The children had come to live with Emily and Zach that previous May, so when these photos were taken they had been part of our family for 5 months. We didn't know then that they would eventually become ours permanently through adoption last December.



Such a stinkin'cute photo shoot that I just had to share it as we approach Halloween! These kiddos and their parents have come a long way since then.




We thank God every day for bringing these precious little ones to fill a void in our lives! 

Reminiscing this morning, with this...

...Halloween throwback.



Emily Whaley

These pictures are so sweet! I can't believe it was four years ago!

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