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Happy Halloween 2022!

Halloween 1970


Halloween 52 years ago...

That's me on the right (at 13 years old, dressed as a hippie) with my sisters Barb (10, a masked gypsy), Maria (8, I think she was a princess), and brother Mark (2 1/2, dressed as a hobo). 

Mama took this photo of us sitting on our County Line porch just before we hit up our 3 neighbors for Halloween treats. We lived out in the country where Halloween pickins were slim, but we had fun anyway, walking down the dark road together to our few neighbors. And then most years Mama would drive us to Grandma and Grandpa House's (Dad worked second shift so he always missed out on the Halloween adventures) where she'd give us each a wormy apple and maybe a broken cookie from her cookie jar. Grandma was never prepared with good treats for Halloween.

This was my last year of dressing up for Halloween. I think the only reason I did it that year was because of Mark...Mama wanted me to go with him down the dark County Line, lest he get into some mischief (smart of Mama!).

A little throwback as we head into Halloween weekend...

Halloween 1970.



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