Celebrating Juni

Peaches Galore


About once every 5 years or so, Kim's peach trees overachieve.


This is one of those years.

Peaches bloom very early and the late April Indiana freezes or even frosts usually kill the blossoms. But this year, we didn't have those late spring cold spells, and the peach trees thrived.

In fact, the peach trees are so loaded down with peaches that they can barely stand themselves up. 


Oh, but they are big, luscious, and beautiful!

Nothing like a fresh peach! We've been peach gluttons these past few weeks.



We have so many peaches that our granddaughters next door have set up a peach stand after school.

Kassie and Kelsey help Papaw with the chores every day, and they are also pretty good peach-pickers. So if you're hankering for a few fresh peaches, give us a shout!

Because this year we've got....

...peaches galore.



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