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A Beautiful Soul

2009Aug (3)

Dorothy is the mother of my daughter-in-law Anique.

Anique and Kamaron, their children Krew and Juni, and indeed our whole family is reeling from Dorothy's very sudden and unexpected passing last Saturday at the too-young age of 73.

Dorothy is one of most unique people I have ever known. I shall never forget our first meeting, 13 years ago when Kamaron and Anique were finishing up their college careers at Indiana University. Dorothy came over to me, a total stranger, and gave me the biggest heartfelt hug, like we had known each other for years. Dorothy was a good hugger...when she gave a hug, you knew it was genuine. I immediately liked her...anyone who knew Dorothy couldn't help but like her! She was wearing glittery red shoes with bobby socks, her long hair casually pulled up in a side ponytail. I knew right away this free-spirited woman marched to her own drum and lived life on her own terms.


2015AugJuniborn (3)

Over the years, I've gotten to know Dorothy better, appreciating her unique perspectives and fierce independence.

We share two grandchildren, Krew and Juni, who she absolutely adored. She always encouraged their imaginations and creativity, marveling over their childhood accomplishments.

2015AugJuniborn (3)

Dorothy's legacy lives on in the creative minds of Krew and Juni. As I told Juni in her grief, her Memaw Dorothy will always be with her as I can see beautiful glimpses of Dorothy's free spirit in Juni.

I rarely saw Dorothy when she wasn't smiling, and she had a unique way of smiling with her eyes. She was witty and never lost her child-like innocence and wonder, despite the curveballs life threw at her over the years.


2013Nov (2)

My Mama loved Dorothy too. They had lots of laughs whenever they were together (we often wondered what was so funny as they giggled together off in a corner somewhere). We still chuckle about the time Dorothy gave Mama CBD oil, before it was legal and accepted. Mama had absolutely no clue, but she just couldn't say "no" to Dorothy. No one really could. Dorothy was so sweetly insistent it was nearly impossible to refuse her.

Dorothy's passing leaves a huge void in the lives of her family. She will be missed beyond words.


2015AugJuniborn (1)

All who knew Dorothy were blessed by her kindness and graciousness and compassion. And that caring legacy shines brightly on.

We will miss you, sweet Dorothy!

Truly, a beautiful soul.




Thank you for this wonderful tribute - an accurate one! We were so close to her. I will miss her everyday and am thankful for what she instilled in us; generosity, creativity…so much. Thank you again for this 💜

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