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Metamora Eagles


On our way to Ohio to see our grandkids there, we usually drive through the small Indiana town of Metamora.



Along the river there is a huge eagle's nest and we always look to see if the Metamora eagle is there.

The last several times I've been down there I've seen her (or him) somewhere in the vicinity. So last week when my friend Peggy and I drove through, we stopped to take a closer look and get some photos before the foliage gets too thick to see them easily.


Just beautiful! I never ceased to be amazed when I see these majestic creatures that were near extinction in Indiana when I was a small child.


As we stook there looking through binoculars and snapping photos, a black head popped up out of the nest.

A fledgling eagle!


Exercising its wings for the big day when it will fly out of the nest!


All the while Momma Eagle (I'm guessing here...but I'm thinking that Momma is the one who would be supervising the children...) keeps a watchful eye.

We look forward to spotting them each trip south.

The Metamora eagles.



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