Singing from Their Hearts
This is Us, Christmas 2021

Christmas Joys


For the first Christmas in 4 years, I can post a photo of my 11 grandchildren without covering any of their precious faces!

These sweet kiddos have our hearts all year long, but give us extra smiles at Christmas.

On the front step: Juni (6 years) and Ellie (6 1/2)

Then from left to right behind them:  Kelsey (9), Krew (7 1/2), Kaden (11 1/2), Koda (4 1/2), Daniel (3 1/2), Karter (13 1/2), Abram (7 1/2), Lucy (5 1/2), & Kassie (9)

And we are so excited to welcome our 12th grandchild in May 2022!

During our Christmas celebration,  the cabin was full but our hearts were overflowing with God's blessings!

Our Christmas joys.



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