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When I walked into this place for the first time in early June of 2015, I was terrified.

Just the week before, I had received a stunning diagnosis of Stage 3B rectal cancer. I had no idea what my future held, all I knew was that God was holding it (and me!) in His hands.

Over the next year I would undergo 8 weeks of chemo (4 rounds @ 2 weeks each), 5-6 weeks of daily radiation, 8 more weeks of chemo (4 rounds @ 2 weeks each), 6 weeks of recovery then surgery to remove the tumor and get an ileostomy bag that would thankfully be removed in a second surgery 12 weeks later.  And then, of course, it took another several weeks before I finally began to feel "normal" again.

Since that first trip to the Cancer Center 6 years and 3 months ago, a lot has changed in my life. Both Dad and Mama have gone to Heaven, God has blessed us with 5 new grandchildren, and we have experienced God's faithfulness in our lives in countless ways. While of course I would never have chosen to go down the tunnel of fighting cancer, I truly believe God used that experience to refine me into a better person.

When I began the cancer journey, my amazing oncologist Dr. Bhatia told me I had become a part of the Cancer Mafia...once I got in, it would be very hard to get out (jokingly trying to put me at ease in that it would be a long process and several years of follow-up). Over the past 6 years and 3 months (but who's counting?) I have faithfully gone for all of my follow-up appointments, blood work, countless CTs and MRIs and colonoscopies, each time relieved to hear that all is good.



Yesterday Dr. Bhatia came into the exam room, fist-pumped me, and said he was firing me...releasing me from the Cancer Mafia. Of course there are no guarantees, but he said there is a 99% likelihood that the cancer will not return, to go live my life with gratitude.

I practically danced out those doors (yes, in those 6 years Community North Hospital built a brand new cancer facility) into the glorious sunshine with a huge smile on my face, thanking God for His healing and faithfulness to me.

Putting the "C" word behind me!

I am a SURVIVOR!!!




Such rich tend mercy from the Lord!!!! Praise God and what a blessing! You have been through so much and your faith in it shines brightly too ❤️

Emily Whaley

Love this and the example you set for me and my siblings as you when through this trial! Love you mom and how you always live your life trusting in God!


You are a #1 tough House girl!
Love ya!

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