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Kim and I went for a little drive on Labor Day, just meandering through the Indiana and western Ohio countryside with no destination in mind.

I was hoping for some dramatic photo ops, but the day was cloudy and drizzly at times, the sky was blah, and honestly we didn't see much of interest except lots of corn and soybean fields.

And deer.



So that's what I took photos of. 

Here is a doe and her teenage fawn...


After a stare-down of a few seconds, they bounded off across the field together.



A lot of ducks hanging around the Miami River dam, but they were too far away for me to get any decent photos.

So we changed direction and started to meander back toward home.


This cute young fawn appeared to be alone, but I have a feeling her momma was undercover in the cornfield on the other side of the road. The fawn wasn't looking at us...I think it was keeping its eyes on momma...


Momma Deer must've given her youngster the "flee" signal, because it quickly bounded away from us, that white tail bouncing above the still-green soybeans.

And that was the last of my photos for the day. It was an enjoyable, relaxing drive and it's always fun just spending time with my man, even when we don't see much in the way of wildlife.

Just deer.


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