A Unicorn Birthday

Winding Down


The goldfinches are feasting on sunflower seeds just outside my kitchen window, storing up energy for their long migration flight soon.

It's a sure sign that we are on the tail end of summer.

Whew...what a summer it's been! We've been on the move and crazy busy these past couple of months, going to Hawaii with most of the family, Texas for our first-ever House Glue Renew gathering, and filling the days in between with grandkids and gardening. Just this past weekend we celebrated Juni's 6th birthday. Oh, and I haven't even shared yet about our May trip to Magee Marsh in Ohio!

Finally I'm getting a few days here and there to play Catch Up. My blogging has taken a back seat to everything going on around me, but I'm ready to settle back into my "normal" routine and start posting regularly again. I've got a backlog of photos and stories to share, so check back in tomorrow as I take you along on our Hawaii vacation.

What a fun-filled, action-packed summer we've had! 

But I'm glad to have a little breathing room again, now that...

...summer is winding down.



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