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Rainbow Falls and Surrounds


Just outside Hilo is one of the most famous waterfalls on the Big Island, Rainbow Falls.



According to the guidebook, you must arrive at Rainbow Falls in the early morning to take advantage of the sun's position which creates the rainbows around the falls.

Not one to miss out on a rainbow, with great anticipation we got up early and made the 2-hour drive across the island to Hilo.


And it was CLOUDY. Very cloudy. There would be no rainbow sightings at Rainbow Falls that morning.




But it was still beautiful. 

Legend has it that Kamehameha buried his father's bones in this cave below the falls.



Just a short jog up the road (is there ever such a thing as a SHORT JOG???) is Wailuku River Boiling Pots State Park.



I guess the "boiling pots" reference is to what I call a "bubbling stream" as it flows down the hillside...





After our morning of chasing rainbows and waterfalls, we did lunch in Hilo.

The effects of the pandemic are everywhere in Hilo. Very few people on the sidewalks, most stores are empty, souvenir shops have vanished, restaurants closed down, just a general feeling of dirty-and-run-down in the town of Hilo.

But we did find this hole-in-the-wall eating spot frequented by the locals that had amazing seafood!


Kim thoroughly enjoyed the fresh ono, while I feasted on fresh shrimp.

A nice conclusion to a morning amidst God's beautiful creation...

...Rainbow Falls and its surrounds.



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