T-Ball Princess

On the Lookout


My dear friend Peggy loves birds as much as I do.

We're always comparing bird notes and share exciting sightings. 

Since we are fortunate to share three grandchildren, we often make the trek to Ohio together to visit them. And we're always on the lookout for interesting birds when we take the scenic route down.

On our way home this week, Peggy's sharp eyes spotted this eagle high in a tree probably a quarter of a mile from the road not far from Metamora, Indiana. Thankfully, I had my camera mounted with my new bird lens handy, and I got out and snapped this shot. We were a long ways off (in fact, we couldn't tell for sure if it was an eagle until we saw the image), but I'm pretty pleased with this photo.

The skies were gloomy and it had been raining all day...hence the wet feathers on the eagle. Still so majestic, despite the weather!



Earlier in the day, while the grandbabies were napping, Peggy and I took a walk to the nearby bird blind to see what we could see. Not many birds around, but there were a few redwinged blackbirds fairly close. Even though they are common during Indiana springs and summers, they still amaze me with their vibrant colors. 

This handsome fella was very cooperative posing for his portrait.

Wherever we go, bird-lovers like Peggy and me are always...

...on the lookout.



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