One Blessed Momma
Together Again

Empty Nest


Momma Robin has been raising 3 hatchlings in the nest she built atop our porch post.



For several days (some of them very cold!) she sat on those eggs to keep them warm and dry, ever vigilant lest any critter or human threatened her nest.

Then for a couple of weeks she was tireless in collecting worms for her constantly-hungry younguns.



"Is that all I get, Momma?"


It's interesting to watch them...after a baby is fed, it jostles to the other side of the nest/end of the line so another sibling will get the next batch of worms.

Momma Robin runs quite an organized nesting operation!



After one is fed, she flies off to get more food for the next baby.

Being a momma is exhausting!



And she yelled and swooped at me every time I got too close to her nest walked onto the porch.

Momma robins can be intimidating when they get mad!



The day after the other photos were taken, the little robins all fledged. This guy was the last one left in the nest, and it flew off as I stood and watched.

Now that all the young birdies are off doing their bird-thing, I can reclaim my porch swing.

And Momma Robin can relax a little, relieved and thankful for her...

...empty nest.



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