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Orcas at the Cabin

Orcas April 2021

I was sure that Kaden's baseball game would be canceled last night.

It was raining so hard as we drove home from New Castle, I couldn't imagine they would be able to play. But this is not my first baseball season and I know how hardcore coaches are about not canceling games, so we thought we'd be the smart ones and not even go to the ballpark, feeling sure they couldn't get the game in. And we told Dana we'd watch the girls so she could go to the ballpark and get soaked in the rained-out game.

Well, miraculously the rain completely stopped and the game was played.

Meanwhile back at the cabin, awaiting news of the cancellation that never happened, Kelsey and Kassie and I broke out the watercolors for a fun little paint party.

We may have missed a good baseball win, but we did have some unusual sightings...

...orcas at the cabin.



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