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Fiesty Momma and My New Toy


This momma robin has taken over our side porch.

She decided to build her nest on top of a porch post and screams at us every time we go out there.

I'm quite annoyed with her as she's cramping my sittin-on-the-porch style. But I also want her to raise her babies, so I'm trying to be respectful.



Yesterday I got a brand new toy...a new "birding" lens for my camera.

500 m prime, the nicest lens I have ever owned.

Just LOOK at that detail! WOW! Sharp!

I justify my splurge that it's "Mama's Money"...I'm buying it from what she left me in her estate. And I know she would want me to buy this new lens because it brings me such joy. I plan, from now on, to justify every future unnecessary splurge by claiming it's "Mama's Money"...the pot that never runs dry...

Mama drove the school bus for many years and she always jokingly told Dad she was using her school bus money to purchase everything from more fabric to a new sewing machine to a new stove to a new vehicle. Mama sure could s t r e t c h her school bus money...I'm going to s t r e t c h my Mama Money just like she taught me!



Can't wait to try out my new lens on my next birding excursion!

Until then, I'll practice using my new toy on this fiesty momma.




Stunning!!! I love the idea of Mama’s money...what a special woman and way to keep on the “tradition” alive! 😅😊❤️


I’ve been having some new birds out here. You’ll have to bring your lens. This morning I was straining to see my rose breasted grosbeak in my very fingerprinted binoculars.

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