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Cute Chicks


Nothing says "springtime" quite like cute chicks. (Yes, the baby birds are cute too...)

Our 5 1/2-year-old granddaughter Juni loves it when Papaw gets his baby chicks each spring. 



Her brother Krew prefers to watch them from afar, but gets braver each year. 


Adorable little one-day-old fuzzballs when they arrive by US mail...


This is the cutest they will ever be. You can already see feathers forming on their doesn't take them long to become ugly half-feathered eating machines. And by Memorial Day, the yellow chicks will be full-grown fryers that end up in our freezer. The rusty-colored ones are Hubbard Golden Comet variety, which we will keep for laying eggs.


Chicks april 2021

My watercolor rendition of one of my favorite harbingers of spring...

...cute chicks.



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