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Chickenhouse Carnage


This is what Kim found when he went out to take care of the chickens about 6 am. this morning.



Some wild critter got into our chickenhouse overnight and killed 63 6-week-old chickens as well as 4 of our old hens.

Crazy how I was just posting yesterday about the circle of life, how killing is natural and wild animals need to eat too.



But whatever critter this was (Kim suspects a mink), they were not interested in eating the meat of the chicken. They went for the brains only.


This batch of baby chicks was mailed to us by accident and we weren't thrilled about getting them since we have another batch arriving the first week of April. But still, Kim and Kristoffer's family had nurtured them through some very cold nights and poured a lot of feed into them already. Even though we didn't want them to begin with, it's still sickening to see something like this happen.



It's part of raising animals, Kim says. Guess he'll be spending some time in the chickenhouse today trying to patch whatever holes that might allow a critter access to more chickens.



Not a good way to start the day...

Chickenhouse carnage.



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