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My New Ride


Got ourselves a new ride last week!

A 2021 Hyundai Palisade Limited.



We haven't gone vehicle shopping for 13 years...our last vehicle purchase was in 2007.

A LOT has changed in vehicles in 13 years! There are so many electronic bells and whistles that it's a bit overwhelming. But we're learning and loving the new technology!



We traded in our 2006 Hyundai Azera. When we bought this car, almost no one around had a Hyundai. The company was just breaking into the US market and this was a luxury car without the higher luxury-car price tag of the more recognized brands. 

What a great vehicle this has been for us! 


I drove it for a couple of years and then when we bought the 2008 Hyundai VeraCruz (which we still have), the Azera became Kim's car. Working in Indianapolis and being in sales, he racked up the miles. 

So yes...that is the TRUE mileage when we traded it in! Kim was going for 500,000 miles, but in the past year Covid has kept him off the road. And the gas mileage is nearly as good as it was when we bought it 15 years ago.

We've had NO major issues with the car, only regular maintenance stuff. The one thing that did happen (the rear axle had to be replaced), Hyundai did FOR FREE when it had 400,000 miles on it! 

We have been so impressed with the Hyundai quality and service, we chose their new Palisade for our next vehicle. For the price, it has just as many or more features/technology than any other 7-seat SUV in its class.



I had decided I wanted a white SUV with a light interior. That combination was hard to find, but a Hyundai dealership in Indy had exactly what I wanted.



The big touchscreen dashboard is really amazing and so nice!



Trying to make up excuses to go somewhere these days...



...just so I can drive my new ride.




Oh I like your new ride ENJOY


Come see us, that’s an excuse to drive!!! ❤️ It looks SO nice👌🙌

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