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Happy Heavenly Birthday, Mama


Today Mama is celebrating her first birthday in Heaven.

My, what a difference a year makes! It seems like 5 years ago (instead of just one) that I snapped this photo of what would be Mama's final birthday this side of eternity. So much has happened in these past 12 months...



Just one year ago, Mama was living in her senior living apartment at Forest Ridge, suffering from memory issues but still functioning okay on her own. 


We invited her lifelong bestie Barbara Foulke to come celebrate Mama's 84th birthday with us.



The two of them had a grand time looking at old photos and reminiscing about our lives together on the County Line Road.



We had a nice lunch together at Applebees.


None of us had any inkling what the next few weeks and then months would bring.

The Covid pandemic slamming into our lives in mid-March.

Closing on the sale of Mama's house March 30.

Mama's first significant fall on March 31, when she broke her shoulder.

Everything seemed to quickly spiral out of control from there...several more falls resulting in 2 broken hips, a broken wrist, fractured pelvis, several head lacerations...each one bringing its own trauma that compounded and sent her last months here on earth into a nosedive that could not be reversed.

All leading up to Jesus escorting her to Heaven on December 9. Just 10 months after we took these photos.



I think we're all still reeling from the after effects. It seems so surreal that she is gone.

But through my sadness, I rejoice with her that she has received her Heavenly reward and today, I believe, she is celebrating with Dad. I hope she has a big ice cream sundae to top off her day! 

I miss her today...and every day.

Happy Heavenly Birthday, Mama.



Terri Chapman

I remember now that our Mother's Birthdays were a month apart...March 10th for mine. :)

Lydia Sides

Will miss aunt Lois forever. Still hurts my heart that she is gone though I know it was all in God's timing. She, my mother, and aunt Rachel are together again. I hope they do nothing but laugh and enjoy each other. Also, they are together with their parents, my grandparents Andy and Hazel Britt. Miss them all so much.

Barb House-Fox

Bless her heart! It was a rough year on all of us, and like you, I can't believe all that has happened since her last birthday. We will continue to celebrate her, along with Dad, for the people that they were and all they brought to so many lives they touched. Happy heavenly birthday, Mama...give Dad a hug!

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