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Another tidbit of knowledge for the category "If You Aren't Careful You Might Learn Something New Every Day."

Maybe YOU know what gouache is. But I didn't...until this Christmas.

"Gouache" (rhymes with "squash") is an art medium, basically opaque watercolors.

I've been wanting to learn how to do watercolors, and when Dana asked me for Christmas ideas I mentioned that desire and a link to a website that looked like fun.



So one of my Christmas gifts from their family was this art box.



Gotta love the encouraging message inside too!

The box contains 4 art projects with all the supplies needed. 

I've taken some art classes, working with acrylics mostly for crafty-type projects. But this is something TOTALLY NEW to me!



The best part is that there is a 35-45 minute tutorial for each project, so I can do my project as the instructor Sarah Cray teaches it.

At the beginning of each lesson, we raise our right hand and take an oath:

    * I promise to be kind to myself

    * I promise not to compare my work with others'

    * I promise to HAVE FUN!



After watching an introduction tutorial aboout gouache, I had my very first lesson, painting this piece of fruit.

Do you know what it is? A papaya. Not something I eat every day or every month, but our missionary friends in Kenya have papaya trees so we eat lots of papayas when we visit them.

The small card on the left is the sample in the box...and the larger one on the right is my version.

I know I'm not supposed to compare, but I do think mine looks pretty close to hers. I'm please with it.

Not that I'm going to frame it and hang it in the cabin. But it was a decent first gouache effort.



On Sunday I did Lesson #2...Dreamy Clouds.

I think hers are a little dreamier than mine (not that I'm comparing...), but I do like how the colors fade left to right.

Fun learning and experiencing new things! This old dog can still be taught a few new tricks, and this is my most recent endeavor.




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