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A Boy and His Papaw

Fifth-Grader Raiders


I'll admit to being a tad bit biased, but my grandson Kaden is the cutest and best Shenandoah Raider 5th-grader.   

All the Covid craziness has made for an unusual and frustrating basketball season, but we've gotten to watch him play several times. Seeing our grandchildren doing their things are always highlights of our weeks. 



And basketball is definitely Kaden's thing.

Don't let this sweet smile fool you...he is passionate and intense on the basketball court!



I was blessed to do their team photos this season...what a great group of fellas! And their coach (my son/Kaden's dad Kristoffer) is pretty cool too!



It's fun watching them develop as young men as well as athletes!

The 5th-grader Raiders.



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