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Less time on Facebook means lots more reading time.

And lately I've been on a Pam Jenoff binge.


Lost girls of paris book

The first of her books that I read was The Lost Girls of Paris.

I'm not normally a binge reader, but I couldn't put this one down. And even after I finished it, the characters and plot still lingered in my mind. That, for me, is the sign of a great book.

So much I love about her books! I appreciate her writing style, very descriptive without being over-the-top. The stories I've read so far have all been loosely based on true stories of real people, strong, courageous, and heroic women who survive unbelievably challenging circumstances but do what needs to be done in times of crisis. I'm not a history buff and don't want a lot of focus on historic details to wade through when I'm reading, but she adds just enough to help her readers understand the situation without getting too technical and detailed.



Since Christmas I've read 2 more Pam Jenoff novels...The Orphan's Tale first, and most recently I finished The Kommandant's Girl.

I am hungry for another of her stories! Not to worry...she's written 15 books with another one coming out this spring, so I've got a few in the queue.

There are 2 more in The Kommandant's Girl series, so I really want to read those two next.

Reading for pure enjoyment is a luxury that I'm just now learning to savor now that I have extra time on my hands in the evenings. I rarely watch TV, so while Kim's doing that I'm snuggling by my fireplace with a great read, most recently one written by Pam Jenoff... current author-of-choice.




Thanks for sharing! I’ve been wanting a new book 📚

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