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Wonkiest Christmas Tree Ever


As if we needed another crazy thing to remember the year 2020 by...this will go down in our family archives as the Christmas of the wonkiest tree ever.

I've never been one to put up our tree super-early. I love a real tree and I don't like for it to get too dried out.

Okay...and I hate the crowds that gather at Christmas tree farms the weekend after Thanksgiving. I prefer picking out our tree alone and quietly during the week. 

This year with everything going on with Mama, I had almost resigned myself to a treeless Christmas...we just did not have a chance to get to a tree farm until December 12. And by then, all of our reliable area Christmas tree farms were SOLD OUT...out of trees! 

But Kim and I were undaunted and determined to find a tree to decorate, even if it meant pulling off the road and chopping down one in a ditch somewhere. We even saw a few nice ones (some already decorated!) in people's landscaping, but decided maybe that wasn't the best route to take.



Kim had driven by a rinky-dink of a tree farm a couple of days before, and we decided to check it out.

We aren't that picky. Surely we could find a tree. Surely...

The owner was thrilled to get our business, but he apparently is a proponent for all-natural Christmas trees:  plant 'em and let God do the rest. No pruning clippers or shaping shears had ever touched these trees.

As we walked through the "rows", Kim and I both snickered...it was the wonkiest field of Christmas trees I have ever laid eyes on.



After traversing the entire field a couple of times, we were convinced that there was not a pretty tree to be had. So we lowered our expectations considerably and began searching for one that was tolerable...a straight trunk and a single top branch for the star. We settled on one and Kim sawed it down and loaded it on the wagon.



We knew it was fat and fluffy, but it didn't look quite as fat and fluffy growing in the field as it did when we got it in the cabin.



When we got it inside the cabin and the limbs started lowering, I got tickled. Kim had gone outside to do the feeding, and I just started laughing at the absurdity of it all and I couldn't quit. I laughed out loud, by myself in the empty cabin, until tears rolled down my cheeks. It was truly a cleansing belly laugh which started out about the tree but turned into a release of weeks of stress over Mama. Once those floodgates opened, I just couldn't close them again. It was the kind of laugh a girl needs once in awhile, a true gift that all began with our wonky tree.

Two redeeming qualities of our tree...it has the most perfect strong center branch that points straight up for the star to perch upon....



...and the branches sit high up off the floor so there's lots of room for lots of gifts underneath.

Other than that, the tree is not very charming at all.

Let's be honest. Had we not rescued that tree out of the ugliness of that field and decorated it for Christmas, it was destined to be chopped down and burned in a fire.

Just like me.

Had Jesus not rescued me out of the ugliness of this world and cleaned me up with his saving grace, I was destined to burn in the eternal fires of hell. But Jesus saved me from what I deserve and redeemed me into something beautiful.

Maybe a little wonky (okay...maybe a LOT wonky at times...), but beautiful in my own unique way.



My fat, fluffy, odd-shaped tree is serving its purpose well and it's kinda growing on me. Perhaps I should quit looking for perfection and embrace the beauty of imperfection...in trees and especially in people.

I've grown kinda fond of...

...our wonkiest Christmas tree ever.



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