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Until We Meet Again


On Thursday, December 17, 2020, we said our final earthly good-byes to Mama in a beautiful celebration of her going Home.



Mama's funeral was held in the little country church she has attended from the day she moved to Indiana in January 1955, White Branch Church of the Brethren. It was a lovely December day, with a pure white coating of snow that added an extra layer of peace and tranquility. Mama loved snow!



We adorned the sanctuary with some of the gorgeous labors of love she created over the years.




All of her children were together to celebrate our Mama's life. Our brother Mark drove up from Texas, our sister Maria (far right) flew up with her two teenage children, and of course "the locals" Barb and I.

As I'm looking at this photo, I just realized that we are now orphans. Old orphans, but orphans nevertheless. It's a strange feeling realizing that now I'm the oldest in the family!



Mama loved her family and I know she was so proud that her grandsons and great-grandsons gently carried her into the church for the last time.



Many family and dear friends stopped by before the service to pay their respects.



Barb created some elegant memorial cards...




Mama's wedding dress...and plenty of beautiful flowers. Mama loved the color pink!




Mama's pastor Brian did a beautiful job with her funeral.

Notice those velvet drapes behind him, in front of the baptistry? Mama made and hung those drapes years ago.



Our cousin Jenny led us in singing some of Mama's favorite hymns...



And then each of us four children shared thoughts about our precious Mama. I went first...








...and Mark. Each one was special and different...while we share so many common experiences, each one of us had our own unique relationship with Mama.

I know she was smiling down on us!



Many people shared memories of Mama...including our cousin Butch, who showed off the custom-made shirt she sewed for him a couple of years ago.

Right before we left the church, a bagpiper played a gorgeous rendition of "Amazing Grace" in honor of Mama's Scottish roots. I'm kicking myself that I didn't pick up my camera and snap a photo of her playing, but it was a very emotional moment.




With snowflakes swirling in the air, the grandsons loaded Mama into the hearse for the 10-minute drive to the cemetery.



Her body was laid to rest next to Dad's.





I hope my grandchildren, even though they are still very young, will have fond memories of Gran-Gran. She sure adored them!


And my littlest grandson Daniel was so sweet...making snowballs and putting them under Mama's casket. Mama would have loved that!



It was a wonderful celebration of an extraordinary life! I still can't believe Mama is gone, I will miss her every day. But I know without a doubt she is in Heaven and I will be reunited with her someday.

So good-bye for now...

...until we meet again.



Mark House

It was a beautiful ceremony for a beautiful lady.... I was blessed to be her boy!


I’ve said this before but when I met Kam, nearly all my grandparents had already passed (both Grandmas at least). I really lucked into what felt like having her as my own Grandma for a time. God is so gracious in all things. It was a special day to celebrate her! Love you so ❤️


Beautiful summary & just now brave enough to read it tonight. We sure felt the love of our family & friends. Thank you Terry for documenting & Zach for the photos.

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