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Family Christmas at the Cabin

A New Christmas Tradition


Kim and I started a new Christmas tradition this year. Since our normal Christmases with Mama are now just wonderful memories, it was time to do something different.

Our 4 children, understandably, want to enjoy Christmas Day with their little ones at we jumped in the VeraCruz and made our rounds to each of their homes for an official Christmas Day visit and family photo.

Kamaron and Anique and their 2 children...Juni (5 years old) and Krew (6 1/2)...were our last stop on the day's circuit, and for some reason I did a lot more talking to them and only took one photo. But it's a great one...what a wonderful family!



We started the morning out early...a 7:00 am. breakfast with Kristoffer and Dana's family....Karter (12 1/2 years old), Kelsey & Kassie (8), and Kaden (10 1/2).



Since they had just finished opening their gifts, they each shared what they had gotten. 




Those 4 really raked in the loot this year!



Our next stop was at Emily and Zach's house.

Someday I hope I can show these adorable faces of their foster children, T (5 1/2 years) and J (3 1/2). Such sweet kiddos!




To say these children were excited about Christmas would be a huge understatement...they were fired up, even so early in the morning!



Next stop was 2 hours away, to visit Kyler and Kara's family near Cincinnati.

Daniel (2 1/2 years), Lucy (4 1/2), and Abram (6 1/2) were pretty wound up too! Next year there'll be 6 in the Christmas photo...Baby Gray #4 is due next summer!



I'm so glad Abram got the Beyblades he was asking for! It's all I heard about every time I asked him about Christmas.



Lucy got a HUGE doll house and some new princess Barbies. And check out that make-up...our pretty girl loves painting her face up!



Daniel loved the megalodon remote control monster truck...



You know you got a good toy when the kids fight over it...




We stayed and played a little while before the 2-hour drive back home.



A fun, relaxing way to share the holiday excitement with our kids and their families! I think we'll make it...

...a new Christmas tradition.



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