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It's been a few weeks (thankfully!) that I've had anything to report about Mama,... in case you're wondering, here's a quick update.

Mama seems to have settled in to her new home at Glen Oaks.  She is living on Legacy Lane, the memory care unit.  It's a small group of about 10 residents, so they have become her new friends and daily companions. We've only met a couple who happen to wander into her room while we're doing window visits...looking forward to the time when we can get to know her new extended "family."

Physically, Mama has good days and bad days.  Her broken bones have all healed as well as possible, considering the circumstances.  She isn't getting any more physical therapy as she is now wheelchair-bound for the most part.  On good days, she is able to stand with assistance (her balance is terrible) and support her weight for transfers from bed to chair to recliner, etc.  She tried to stand up on her own, forgetting that she needs help. Old habits are hard to break...  

Mama has had a couple of falls that caused some skin tears, abrasions, and a bump on the head. Thankfully apparently nothing more serious. Another fall is the last thing we need!



Maria came up from Florida to stay for the week and got to spend the better part of a couple of days with Mama.  Unfortunately, one of those days was in the hospital emergency room...Mama had a bad spell that morning and nearly passed out, so we had her checked out at the ER. Nothing serious, but it was a scary day.



We had some fun sister time, even though the circumstances that seem to bring us together these days are sad ones. We all know God is in control and loves Mama even more than we do, so we try to make the most of our time together with each other...



...and with Mama.

As of now, due to Covid restrictions, we are allowed to visit her in person a couple of times a week for 45 minutes. Precious times with our Mama.

She may forget a lot of things, but she always recognizes us and usually calls us by name. We treasure those words and know, no matter what kind of day she is having, that she loves us and we love her. Somehow I believe God still allows her to understand love, despite her confusion.



She is precious and as beautiful as always!  We do not know what the future holds, but we know Mama has a mansion in Heaven awaiting her whenever God calls her home! Until then, we savor our time with her and love on her as best we can.

In fact, we get to visit her today! So thankful for those visits!  We do love our Mama!!!



Terri Chapman

Blessings to you all. I know exactly what you are going I am in the exact boat. I can't believe you were NOT made to wear masks!! LOL we are and NO touching each other. :(

Maria House Langford

How precious and fragile she is. We have been blessed for sure. I shared this verse in my reading yesterday with Terry and Barb: 1 Timothy 5:3-4. We are loving her and pleasing God. Hopefully our next generation is watching too! Love and gentleness in a small but powerfully made body, that is our Mama.

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