Summer Shindig 2020
Bring It On!

Calm Before Calamity


Flashback 2 1/2 weeks to the early morning of June 19...Kim and I savored a delightful, calm Friday morning on nearby Summit Lake.



Kim fishes...


...and I soak up quiet serenity.



It's a glorious way to spend an early summer morn.




We putter around in Kim's little jon boat, from one promising fishing spot to another.



Always have to check out the osprey nest...



Looks like this year there are at least 3, maybe 4 little osprey babes peeking over the nest.






Thankfully the lake was calm and we didn't venture too far from the boat ramp, as our battery-powered motor ran out of juice before we made it back. 

So we leisurely rowed back to the dock, not a care in the world or anything else on our agenda that morning.

Little did we know how the day would end...



Just 12 hours later, that very evening, I would be sitting in the Emergency Room with Mama as she had fallen at dinnertime and broken her hip.  

A calamity, for this was her third fall, each resulting in broken bones, in less than 12 weeks.

God knew that I was going to need that peaceful, quiet, serene Friday morning.

Calm before the calamity.



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