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New ME


As promised...a full-length photo of the new ME after achieving my goal weight!

You can read all the details and see my stats in my previous post "Success!!!"

But suffice it to say that the past 6 months of intermittent fasting mixed with low carb/high fat eating was the magic formula for me to shed 71 extra pounds.  I feel better than I have in years and I know I am healthier too in ways I cannot see.


TerryBeforeNov2019 TerryAfterJune2020-6

The photo on the left was taken at Thanksgiving, just a little over 6 months ago.  When I look at that photo, I can hardly believe it!  I am still amazed myself at how quickly and relatively easy I have shed so much weight in such a short time.  

Thank you, God, for creating such incredible bodies that heal themselves if only given a chance!

And thank you, too, for giving me the commitment to get out of the way and let that happen.

Let the maintenance begin...

...on the new ME.




What I love most about this is that you FEEL much better. I know that took a lot of hard work and hard changes. Congratulations!


Congratulations! You look fabulous! It must feel great!
Hugs, Pam

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