COVID Chronicles, Part 6
Eight Weeks Sweeter



Yet another miracle has happened in the midst of this pandemic mess.

Being the Bird Nerd that I've become, I am in an Indiana Birdwatchers Facebook group.  A few members in the southern part of the state reported that the Baltimore orioles had returned.  I was intrigued and, remembering our very unlikely success at attracting bluebirds (you can read about that HERE), decided to try my luck at getting some orioles.  So I ordered this oriole feeder from Amazon, baited it with their favorite foods of oranges and grape jelly, and hung it in our backyard.

Kim made fun of me every step of the way...shaking his head when I opened the Amazon box, chiding me for buying oranges and jelly to feed to birds that we'd never see, and every day as I stared out the window awaiting them he would tell me not to be disappointed when the orioles never came.  We'd never seen an oriole around here and it was a very, VERY long shot that that would change.

I knew too that it was a long shot, and I truly was prepared to be disappointed.  But one day I saw a couple of people I know who live nearby post they'd unexpectedly had their first oriole ever and my hope was revived.  If them, why not me?



Monday morning was cool but beautiful, and Krew and Juni were staying with us for the morning.  The children were playing outside and Kim and I were watching them from the porch.  Krew loves to climb our trees when he comes and Juni was swinging her stuffed animals when Kim excitedly said, "Terry, there's an oriole!"

I thought he was trying to kid me (one of his favorite pasttimes!), as he was pointing the direction where Krew was sitting in a tree with his bright orange sweatshirt on.  "Ha, ha.  Very funny."

"NO!  SERIOUSLY!!  LOOK!!!"  And in the apple tree just in front of us I caught an orange glimpse just as it flew toward our bird feeders.



Oh. My. GRACIOUS!!!  I quickly grabbed my camera from inside and snapped a quick photo for proof that we'd actually had an oriole sighting.



He stayed only a brief time before darting off, but then a few hours later he was back.



And he brought his girlfriend with him!  She's lighter in color but just as gorgeous.



Oriole-22 Oriole-24

I speared a few orange halves onto my willow arbor, and they like to hang out there too.  Oops...she knocked the orange off...with the juice still dripping from her beak!



We've seen 4 at one time, so there are at least that many that are hanging around.  Orioles have a very loud distinctive song, and we can definitely hear them in the pecan and apricot trees on the north side of the cabin.  They fly in to eat, hang out for a few minutes, then fly away.



Kim and I have had so much fun just watching them!  Kim has even picked up my camera and snapped a few photos of them while I've been gone.  And we are both still so AMAZED that they actually CAME!!!



A bright splash of joy at a time when we needed it.  Our Creator is still showing us miracles, if we just look for them.

They are "just birds", but to me these Baltimore orioles remind me of His love... 

I know they have been...




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