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God Knew


One year ago today my siblings and I moved Mama into an independent living apartment at Senior Living at Forest Ridge.

Looking back on all that's happened in these past 12 months, I couldn't be happier about where she is living.

God knew.

God knew when the time was right and surprisingly softened Mama's heart and mind to accepting and even embracing the idea of moving out of her County Line home of 63 years.  God knew she would need some time to get used to her new surroundings and make some new friendships and routines while she was still able to adapt.

God knew. 

God knew my sister Barb and I would need all last summer and fall to clean out those 63 years of accumulated stuff from every single nook and cranny of the farmhouse, garage, 2 barns, and a couple of sheds.  Whew...what a job that was...and what a huge relief when it was finished!

God knew that it would take the perfect buyer who was willing to take on a fixer-upper to purchase Mama's home, and worked out the details behind the scenes to close on the property on March 30, just as the Covid mess was ramping up.

God knew about Covid long before it was even in existence.  He knew it would result in quarantines and lockdowns, and He knew how isolated Mama would have been in her country home all alone.

God knew.

God knew that a simple misstep in her apartment would cause her to fall and break her arm on March 31.  So many "little" details that God took care of...she had the clarity of mind to push the call button on her wrist to get assistance, the hospital allowed me to be with her in the Emergency Room that night (on April 1 they banned all except patients), and she was released back to Forest Ridge that evening.  God knew that she'd need extra care and "it just so happened" that the Forest Ridge staff had extra time on their hands because Covid had cancelled so many activities there so Mama had plenty of helping hands, including a very special care-giver that Mama already loved before her accident.  Tyera is a boxer...Dad was a boxer...and the Mama and Tyera hit it off right away long before that fateful day when she broke her arm.

Tyera has been a God-send to our family, loving on Mama and going the extra mile to be sure she is okay.

All along, God knew we'd need Tyera in our lives.



And God knew the peace of mind all four of us siblings would have, knowing Mama was in a safe and secure place with lots of people around her and loving on her.

Especially during this season when our contact with her is limited by the Covid restrictions.

Mama is safe and happy and her arm is healing amazingly well.

Which is no surprise at all to her Creator, who loves her even more than we do.

God knew.



Kamaron Gray

Our Lord is good!

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