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Five Months in the Fasting Lane


Life in the Fasting Lane.

It's a new book I just got and am nearly finished reading it already.  (If anyone local wants to borrow it, just let me know!  Great information if you're doing the intermittent fasting lifestyle!)  I wish I had read it 5 months ago, but still lots of educational and motivational thoughts to munch on.

For the last 5 months, I've been careful and deliberate about when and what I munch on...

Often, my blog posts are more for me journaling my life journey...this is one of those I've written mostly for myself.  But if someone else is encouraged along the way, all the better!



Saturday marked 5 months since I embarked on this health journey.  I've come a long way in just 22 weeks...

65 pounds released.  SIXTY-FIVE!  That's a whole child!  No wonder my joints ached and I was always fatigued...that's a lot of excess weight I was carrying around constantly.

My BMI dropped from 33.2 (obese!) to 22.9 (NORMAL!!!).

I've lost oodles of inches...8" off my bust, 9" off my actual waistline (yes, it was under there...I finally found it), 10.5" off the biggest part of my belly, and 6" off my hips.

Dropped from size 16/XL down to size 8/Medium or even sometimes SMALL.

I'm still in shock and amazement that this actually the NEW ME!!!  Not only do I look better, I FEEL so much healthier and stronger!  My aches and pains are gone, I have tons more energy...and that's worth its weight in gold!!!

So...where do I go from here?  While I'm very happy with where I'm at now, my goal is to have a BMI of 22.0 which, according to the charts, is the "perfect" BMI for me.  So that means I've got 6 more pounds to lose (I certainly wish I could choose where that 6 pounds comes from, but unfortunately it doesn't work that way...).  My 63rd birthday is May 22 and originally my goal was to be 145 lbs. on that day, which I should definitely make unless I stall out or totally fall off the wagon (and I'm certainly not going to do that after coming this far.)

When I reach the weight loss finish line, I'll definitely be doing a before/after photo comparison.  And then I'll have another challenge ahead of me, as I maneuver the tricky business of maintenance, which is just as hard as actually losing the weight.  I definitely plan to make intermittent fasting a permanent part of my life from here on out...it's not just about losing weight, there are lots of other great health benefits.

That's my progress report after...

...5 months in the fasting lane.




That is AWESOME!!!!
You are inspiring.... never quit!
Love you, and very proud of your discipline!

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