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COVID Chronicles, Part 7


Tuesday, May 5, Quarantine Day #42:

    So today, THIS happened!  After 8 weeks separated from my Ohio grandbabies, at their invitation Kim and I drove down to spend the day with them.


    Daniel had just turned 2 years old on Monday, and is talking up a storm these days.  And his head injury (sinking a rock in his sweet little forehead) is healing up nicely...



    As a bonus, we made homemade donuts to celebrate!  Love my sweet little helper Lucy...


    ...who got even SWEETER helping me glaze the donuts.  Lucy also had her 4th birthday during the pandemic.



    Felt SO GOOD just to get out and drive the Indiana back roads, enjoying some different scenery and car time with my man!  A great day!


Wednesday, May 6, Quarantine Day #43:

    After my morning tennis match, I picked Mama up from Forest Ridge to take her to the hospital for a kidney ultrasound.


    My first time to don a mask...a requirement for me to accompany Mama inside the hospital.  I'm anti-mask, but for Mama's sake I reluctantly complied.  (For the record, Mama hated wearing hers too...she couldn't wait to get it off as soon as we walked outside into the parking lot.)



    After her test, we took advantage of the gorgeous spring day to drive around.  Mama had not been off the Forest Ridge property (and had barely been out of her room since breaking her arm 6 weeks ago), so she enjoyed seeing the countryside.

    We turned on the County Line Road and drove past her farm ground, past her old house, and then on into Hagerstown for an ice cream cone at the Dairy.  Then we went to the Brick Cemetery...



...and parked near Dad's stone to lick our cones and reminisce.  Our family spent several years taking care of that cemetery back when I was a teenager, and we laughed over the many "cemetery stories" as well as fondly remembering Daddy.

    We stopped by the home of her best and oldest friend Barbara, where the long-time girlfriends/neighbors had a wonderful visit.  And then, on the way back to Forest Ridge, I drove by Summit Lake to show Mama the eagles' nest and hoping to see an eagle.



    God provided!  One of the eagles was perched right near the road and Mama got to see it up-close-and-personal!

    What a FANTASTIC day for both Mama and me!  She needed a change of scenery and conversation, and I needed to see her laughing and happy again.


Thursday, May 7, Quarantine Day #44:


    One of the biggest blessings of the pandemic has been the thoughtful and fun efforts of our church family to stay connected to each other.  "Someone" planted this pretty whirly-gig in our porch flower pot...I didn't recognize her printing, but I discovered Someone was my dear friend Peggy!  Put a smile on our faces!



    Another great blessing has been the increased family seeing our favorite neighbors (Kristoffer and Dana and their gang) walking or riding their bikes together!


Friday, May 8, Quarantine Day #45:


    Today I watched T & J while Zach took Emily for her eye surgery, a procedure which will correct her vision so she won't have to wear glasses any more.  (Basically, a more complicated version of lasik surgery...Emily always seems to have to do the more complicated versions...)


    This week marks the 2-year anniversary of when T & J came into our family as foster children.  Two years...a lot has happened on the child front, but not nearly enough on the court front.  What joy they have brought to our family...truly gifts from God!  

    The forecast for tonight is FREEZE, in the midst of gale-force winds, I helped Kim cover up our in-full-bloom strawberry patch.  Hopefully that will save some of the fruit.  Thankfully, Kim has waited to plant this tomatoes.  


Saturday, May 9, Quarantine Day #46:


    NO!!!  It DID get COLD...very cold for this time of year!  28 degrees when I got up Saturday morning (and yes, I do get up before 5 am. almost every day...I'm an early bird...)


    NOOOO!!!  Even though they were still inside the closed cold frame, most of the tomatoes were killed by the freezing temperatures outside.  Unbelievable...Kim thought sure they would be adequately protected inside the frame!  Hopefully there will still be enough for us to have some fresh tomatoes this summer.  I'd be lying if I said I was terribly disappointed we won't have bushels and bushels to can, but it does make me sad for Kim as he puts so much time and work into raising them. 


Sunday, May 10, Semi-Quarantine Day #47:


    YAHOO!!!  This is the day we've been SO looking forward to...worshiping back inside our church sanctuary!!!



    Even though I had to fight the urge to hug everyone in sight, it felt WONDERFUL to be with my church family again!!!



    And then, to make an already-great Sunday perfect, I got to spend Mother's Day with all 4 of my children and their families!!! 

    I couldn't be more grateful for these fantastic Christian children that God blessed me to raise!  They are the BEST "accomplishment" of my life, for them all so much!


Monday, May 11, 1st Day of Re-Opening!


    So...TODAY is the beginning of the end of the pandemic quarantine!!!  Can I get a "Hallelujah"?!

    After 7 solid weeks of the stay-at-home mandate, things are slowly and cautiously opening back up.  Restaurants at 50% capacity, churches can meet again, doctor's appointments are happening in person again, hair salons are back in business.  The rules are stricter and things are opening in stages, but slowly life is returning to normal.

    I am THRILLED!!!  I just hope our economy has not been too damaged to recover...and I continue to pray that God will contain or eradicate this virus and protect the vulnerable.  But it's way past time (in my opinion) for us all to get back on track.



    We ended Monday with a special drive-by birthday celebration for our little friend Grayson.  He has been one of our buddies in the church nursery and we so miss our Sundays with him.  His parents organized a fun party alternative...we got to drive by him in his yard and wish our sweet blondie a happy birthday!  He was all smiles when he realized who we that kiddo!



    What a crazy, unprecedented societal ride this microscopic virus has taken us for the past couple of months!  No, it's not completely over and the virus is still out there, now a part of the world and something we will all have to learn to live with.  My prayer is that we have all learned some good lessons from it...and that God has used this situation to draw people closer to Him.  

    I may do a wrap-up COVID post one of these days, but for now I'm putting the virus topic to rest.  Time to focus on better days ahead!!!



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