Five Months in the Fasting Lane

COVID Chronicles, Part 6


Tuesday, April 28, Quarantine Day #35:

    What a treat to have Juni and Krew over for the afternoon, helping Papaw and putting a smile on this Gramaw's face.

    I also got to spend a little time with Mama in the quarantine room at Forest Ridge.  Today marks 4 weeks since her fall when she broke her upper arm, and finally she seems to be getting back to her old self...laughing and in much less pain.  Praise God for His healing!  She still has a ways to go, but I'm amazed at how, even at 84 years old, her body is healing.


Wednesday, April 29, Quarantine Day #36:


    Today's highlight definitely was seeing our first hummingbird of the year!  

    Played tennis in the morning, and also enjoyed a Zoom Koffee Klatsch meeting with my coffee peeps.  Perhaps soon we will be able to meet again at the Kettle...can't wait!



    Finished my second book of the quarantine.  Out of 5 stars, I'd give it a 3 or so...


Thursday, April 30, Quarantine Day #37:


    Stripes 10-12 completed on my afghan.  Each month I get a kit that has instructions and supplies for 3 the end of the year I'll have a finished afghan.  It's been a fun project, and I'm hoping to do one with Mama when her arm is crochet-ready.



    What a fun surprise to have a WhatsApp chat with our Peruvian guide friend Nicolas (here with Kim in Brazil, October 2019)!  He sent us a fun video about Peru which made us laugh.  Peru is, in Nicolas's words, paralyzed by the pandemic...he is stuck inside his Cusco, Peru home surrounded by concrete walls.  Everything is closed and they only venture out to buy food.  A nature nut, he is going stir-crazy and really missing being outside and guiding tours.  He said he longs for the mountains which he can see from his home...


    Nicolas and I (on Brazil's Cuiaba River looking for jaguars, October 2019...65 lbs. ago for me...YIKES!) share a love of photography.  We toted a new field scope and tripod over from the US for him, and when he fell in love with my 80-400mm Nikkor lens I just had to leave it with him.  (Not to worry...I replaced mine when I got home).  Anyway, occasionally we send each other photos of wildlife, so to pick up his spirits I sent him a few of my backyard critters as well as a handful from our Kenya safari.


    Why should I have been surprised when Nicolas commented on my photo of a roller eating a locust:  "I like the photo of the bird with the orthoptera in its beak"?  To most of us, it's a bug or maybe a locust or grasshopper.  Only our biologist-friend Nicolas would refer to it as an orthoptera....  Love that guy!


Friday, May 1, Quarantine Day #38:

    Fasting Friday for Kim and me... To keep ourselves busy when we normally would have been enjoying supper, we went on an 11-mile ride on our tandem bike Daisy.  PERFECT day to be wind, nice temperatures.  And I even made it up the hills! 



    We finished puzzle #6 of the quarantine...this one was pretty quick, only took us 2 days.  Of course, it helped that it only had 500 pieces.

    GREAT NEWS!!!!  Indiana's Governor Holcomb announced plans for the state to begin re-opening beginning Monday, May 11.  YES!!!  One more week before we can start to normalize life again.  Best news we've heard in a VERY LONG while!


Saturday, May 2, Quarantine Day #39:

    Today marks my 5-month anniversary of our intermittent fasting lifestyle.  Progress report here...



    The view off our south porch.  The apple trees are is SO GORGEOUS out there!


Sunday, May 3, Quarantine Day #40:

        40 would've ever thought we'd be in isolation for 40 days???!!!  A few terms that I've come to despise hearing, phrases I'd never heard until the pandemic that have now become a part of our everyday conversations:

                "Sheltering-in-place" (staying at home except for essential travel)

                "Flattening the curve" (slow the virus spread so the hospitals are not overwhelmed)

                "Social distancing" (6' between people)

                "Zoom meetings" (trying to stay connected in front of a computer)

                "PPEs" (Personal Protection Equipment...aka a mask and far I've avoided wearing either)

    Our final (hopefully!) online worship service...I am SO looking forward to worshiping live in our sanctuary next week!  Emily and Zach fixed lunch for us and Kristoffer's family.  We enjoy our Sunday lunches together.


Monday, May 4, Quarantine Day #41:

Screenshot 2020-05-04 12.35.15

    Today Baby Daniel turned 2 years old!  What a doll he is...and he was so excited for us to sing Happy Birthday to him on a Zoom party!


Screenshot 2020-05-04 12.35.15

    I love it how everyone watching was trying to help him blow out his candles....

    I worked at the church for an hour or so then stopped by to drop off some books to my dear friend Peggy and had a wonderful porch chat with her.  I miss my friends!  One of the things this pandemic has taught me is how much I need other people...I'm a lot more social than I ever thought I was.  Just so nice to visit!


Firsroriolemay4 top off a great Monday...for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER, Kim and I had Baltimore orioles in our backyard!!!  I'll devote a post to this tomorrow, as it was an extraordinary experience for us.

So we survived yet another shelter-in-place/isolation/quarantine week.  But the end is in sight!!!



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