COVID Chronicles, Part 1
A Hard Chapter to Close

Fasting Forward


What a crazy season we are living through right now.  Although I KNOW God is totally in control, sometimes it sure doesn't feel like it...

One thing for sure....I certainly don't have control of much.  But I CAN control what I eat and how I take care of my body.  And I am determined that when this pandemic is over and our lives return to normal, I will emerge from this isolation a better and healthier version of myself.

Today marks 4 months living an intermittent fasting lifestyle.  Thought I'd give you a quick progress report...

I began on Monday, December 2, the Monday after a non-stop eating Thanksgiving week.  My brother Mark was home for the holiday and shared with me he had lost 30 pounds and was maintaining it by doing a 24-hour fast once a week, with a longer 72-hour fast the first week of each month.  He had done lots of research on the benefits of fasting and shared some great resources with me.  I did my own research and dove right in...and I haven't looked back!

In the past 4 months, Kim and I both have been fasting 2 days each week, usually Monday and Friday.  While Kim is pretty much eating whatever he wants on our feasting days, I am staying low-carb and trying to eat plenty of good fats.  And I've been adding a few longer fasts (30-48 hours) here and there as the opportunity arises with one 72-hour fast every month.  It's good to shake things up to keep your body's metabolism guessing.  And honestly, the main reason for me to go past 24 hours is that at around that time, the cell regeneration autophagy begins.  For that reason alone, I will continue fasting long after the extra fat is gone.  With my family history of dementia, I welcome all the cell healing I can get!

As of this morning, I've released 59 pounds!  59!!!  In 4 months!  And that is without adding any exercise besides my normal weekly tennis and walking every so often.  That's one of the pluses of this way of exercise required!  Exercise is very good for me and fun (mostly), but it really doesn't add much to the weight loss equation.  

59 pounds gone forever.  My BMI (body mass index) has dropped from 33 (considered OBESE...ugh, I hate that word!) to 24, which is in the NORMAL weight range.  Normal!!!  

And more importantly even than the numbers, I feel FANTASTIC!  Much more energy, stamina, I'm wearing size 8 jeans and Medium (sometimes even Small!) size tops and dresses.  No, my body is far from perfect...I've still got plenty of belly evidence of birthing 4 children and at 62 I'm definitely no spring chicken.  But I look and feel better than I have in years!  The last time I was at this weight, I was not healthy as it was a result of cancer treatments...thin but sickly is not a winning combo.  But now I'm healthy and working toward the "thin."

I've still got 12 pounds to go to reach my "ideal" weight goal.  Of course, my weight loss has slowed drastically as I'm getting closer and closer to the finish line.  And that's totally okay...even the smallest progress is progress.

Continuing onward day by day...

...fasting forward.



Nadine Middendorf

Terry...this is so Interesting and motivational. I’ve lost and gained and lost and gained. I find in this time if self isolation that all I want to do is eat. Can you do another blog on fasting and give us some real suggestions on how you got in the mind frame....and hints on what to do during fasting days? Would be so helpful. I’m 68 and around 178...I’d like to be 150. Last year I got to 162 with intermittent fasting.


I'm so glad you're FEELING wonderful and healthy!

Gerri Shewmaker

You are such an inspiration Terry! Through it all.... I love you and your encouragement!

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