I Know He Watches Me

COVID Chronicles, Part 5


Tuesday, April 21, Quarantine Day #28:

    The sun is still rising, God is still on His throne, as we complete 4 LONG weeks of staying-at-home quarantine.


    Being outside, watching the sun rise...everything just feels so normal.  Good for the soul!

    Spent the morning working at church on a remote call with our CPA to get the 2019 books closed and get our taxes in order. 

    So much excitement, I can hardly contain myself...


Wednesday, April 22, Quarantine Day #29:


    Kim is becoming quite the puzzle maniac.  He moans every time I get out a new one, but he ends up doing 2/3 of it himself.  Very addictive.

    Played tennis this morning with our Fearless Foursome.  So thankful for them and that time to forget about the craziness and just smash a ball!


    In honor of Mama's struggle with her broken right arm, my brother Mark designated today as Somethin' Ain't Right Day.  He challenged us to share Mama's pain by wearing our right arm in a sling.



    I waited until after my tennis match to participate, but yes, things are a lot harder to do with your arm in a sling.  Especially your right arm if you're right-handed like we are.  Poor Mama...feeling her pain....


Thursday, April 23, Quarantine Day #30:


    Once in awhile I take a shower, even if I'm not going anywhere.  Just the thing to do...



    Nice gentle shower overnight.  Spring is definitely here.



    I love this pretty bunch of tulips that are blooming for the first time this year...


    And look at these delicate miniature daffodils!  Kim is growing them at the church but I'm hoping he'll start some around the cabin.  Tiny but lovely...


    And the violets are more beautiful than ever this year.  They are all around the front of the cabin...love them!


Friday, April 24, Quarantine Day #31:


    Who can resist a pile of dandelions delivered in grubby toddler hands?  I so enjoyed my morning watching T & J for a few hours while Em and Zach went shopping.  They don't care one iota about this silly virus nonsense....so refreshing to view the world from a child's perspective.



    What a fun surprise in our mailbox!  Our pastor issued a challenge to the church family to celebrate Christmas this week, so our friends Susie and Mike sent us a Christmas card.  Sure brought a smile to my face!



    Finished puzzle #5 today.  Toughest one we've done yet.



    And...Zoom coffee with my drinking buddies.  Interesting discussions today...Amy has dubbed our time together as Koffee Klatsch.  Perfect! 

    We also discussed the pro sports draft in depth, consulting Mike via text with our questions...a topic none of us really care about at all.  And we compared our different laundry methods as Linda gave us live updates on the golfers who were looking for their balls (?!?!?!) in her yard. Yes...we are BORED...no one has any real news to share, but it's just so nice to see everyone's face and talk to someone else about ANYTHING. 


Saturday, April 25, Quarantine Day #32:


    Kim and I haven't ridden our tandem since my hip replacement in January 2018.  But we both decided that this is the perfect time to begin regular rides on Blue Daisy again. 

    You'd have thought it would be relatively easy, since between the two of us Daisy was carrying about 100 pounds less in weight than the last time we rode her.  (Kim has lost 38 lbs and I've shed over 60).  But that first ride 'bout-near killed me...it was very windy and I am out of shape!  But I kept on pedaling and made it home.  My legs and lungs burned the rest of the day.  But it did feel so good to do something active again.  Note to Self:  Do not ride on windy days!


Sunday, April 26, Quarantine Day #33:


    One blessing of this quarantine time is that Kim and I have had the opportunity to attend Kamaron's church (which is still meeting as normal) without missing worship at ours.  We listened/watched our own church service at 8:30 am and then got to hear Kamaron preach at his church.

    I have to say, I've lost my enthusiasm for the online worship services.  I NEED to meet together with my church peeps and worship with them!  It felt so good to get cleaned up, put on a dress, and worship with real live people together.  Very refreshing to my spirit!

    Dana and Kristoffer hosted our group for lunch at their house...so look forward to those Sunday lunches with them!


Monday, April 27, Quarantine Day #34:


    What a fun day!  Matt Kloskowski is one of my very favorite photography teachers, and I had the privilege of attending TWO of his online webinars today.

    Trying to learn a few new photo editing techniques during this down time....



    Since Kim had several noisy, BORING phone calls today, I set up my laptop for the webinars in the bedroom.  At first I was trying to balance it on my bed, but couldn't get comfortable.  I looked around for other possibilities and...of course...the antique desk!

    In the 30 years I've had this piece of furniture, never once have I actually used it as a desk.  So I opened it up, swept away the dust bunnies inside (how did they get inside the closed desk?!), and set up my laptop.  I couldn't help but smile thinking about what the original owner would have thought had she seen this set up, never in her wildest dreams imagining there could ever be a device like a laptop.  The quarters were a bit tight...I need a smaller chair...but it was a fun solution for the day.



    Just before dark, Farmer JB finished planting our field.  A great way to end another week of quarantine.

    Fingers crossed that the end is in sight and things will begin opening back up very soon!



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