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COVID Chronicles, Part 4


Tuesday, April 14, Quarantine Day #21:

    Our adorable granddaughter Lucy turned 4 years old today.

    Unfortunately, I didn't get to give her a birthday hug or snitch any of her birthday sugar.  

    That's the WORST part about this pandemic for me...I miss my Ohio grandbabies terribly!

    We did get to FaceTime her a couple of times...



...and sang Happy Birthday to her via Zoom.


    She didn't seem to mind nearly as much as we did.

    Lucy asked for sunglasses, flip flops, a necklace, and a purple cake for her 4th birthday, and she received all four so she was a very happy little girl!


IMG_1261 April 14

    I went to Forest Ridge to pick up Mama's mail and wave at her from afar, but what a nice surprise when they sat her in the quarantine room with me and we had a nice visit.

    So glad to see her smiling and healing...her bruising and her spirits are both so much better.  She has really enjoyed all the cards and love people have showered upon her.  And I am very grateful too!


Wednesday, April 15, Quarantine Day #22:


    We've dubbed ourselves the Fearless Foursome (that's me on the far right...I missed the "black outfit" memo....)  We have not let this pandemic steal our tennis joy!

    There is a group of 7 of us that play regularly all winter long at a private indoor tennis court.  Two are nursing lingering injuries and another is strictly adhering to the "stay home" guideline, so for the past several weeks it's just been the 4 of us. 

    Very thankful for them as they've helped keep me sane!  One thing I've learned about myself during this Covid mess is that I am really a much more social person than I realized...I NEED people!  And I so look forward to playing tennis with these girls every week.


Screenshot 2020-04-15 14.28.07

    I got another much-needed dose of socialization when my coffee drinking buddies Linda, Amy, Peggy, Brenda, and I did a Zoom coffee time that afternoon.  Nice to catch up on the daily news of the others.  Our lives are all soooo exciting these days....



    And as I was sitting in my bedroom Zooming with my coffee girls, this is what was happening outside my window.

    Now I do love me a beautiful soft snow in December or January or February.  But not on April 15...ugh...not what I wanted to see...


Thursday, April 16, Quarantine Day #23:


    After a couple of years without peaches, we were so excited to think we might have some this summer! 


    The trees were in full luscious bloom, bursting with promise.



    And then this happened...we woke up to outdoor temperatures in the mid-20s...definitely a hard killing freeze.  I think we're probably going peach-less again this summer.  So disappointing....    


Friday, April 17, Quarantine Day #24:


    Today was our typical Friday Fasting day.  Despite the stressful circumstances of these pandemic restrictions, I've been so proud of myself for staying the course.  Since December 2, 2019, Kim and I have faithfully done 24-hour fasts twice a week (except the 2 weeks we were in Kenya), usually Monday and Friday. 

    As of this morning, I have officially released forever 62 pounds!  When this is all over and we are released from our hostage situation, I may emerge a crazy woman.  But at least I'll be a THIN crazy woman and not a fat one!



    Kim and I completed our 4th puzzle of the quarantine...



    ...and I finally finished The 19th Wife.  It was a very good book, a fictional biography of Ann Eliza Young, the 19th of 55 wives of polygamist Mormon leader Brigham Young.  But it took me awhile to read it...over 500 pages of very tiny font and my old tired eyes struggled to stay open during my evening reading time...


Saturday, April 18, Quarantine Day #25:


    I went Krogering right after breakfast.  I could not believe how many people are wearing masks...probably 3/4 of the people shopping!  I'm sorry but I'm refusing unless they are required.  I don't own a mask and don't intend to.  If they start requiring them, I'm putting on a bandanna like a bank robber....

    I spent the morning working at church and the afternoon doing...hmmm....I don't even remember, but apparently nothing productive.



indystar photos


    I found out later that our son Kamaron was part of a protest with about 500 other people at the Indiana Governor's Mansion to open up Indiana.  I am not a protester, but I wholeheartedly agree with the protesters.  Let's be cautious with those most vulnerable, but the rest of the people need to be able to get on with their lives.  So many have lost jobs and are struggling financially, in my opinion, needlessly.  We've "flattened the curve" (oh, how I've come to despise that phrase..), which was the goal of the shutdown, and now we need to let people earn livings for their families again.  


Sunday, April 19, Quarantine Day #26:


    For the 4th Sunday in a row, our church services were prerecorded to watch at home.  Kim and I went to the recording of the first 2 weeks, but since then Pastor CJ has done his recording on location somewhere so we've had to watch from my iPad on Sunday mornings.

    I don't like it at all.  I know it's probably my attitude, but it's so hard for me to get in the worship mode when it's just me and Kim sitting with the iPad between us.  I don't like singing along by ourselves and, although CJ is doing a fantastic job considering the obstacles he's facing, I don't enjoy the worship experience nearly enough.  I need to work on my state of mind...I just NEED my church family!!!

    Thankfully, Kristoffer and Dana's family and Emily and Zach's family joined us for lunch and conversation.  Seeing them during all this isolation sure helps...


    And this pretty fella helps a lot too.  We call him our Covid miracle!  God knew I'd need his bluebird beauty to brighten up these emotionally gloomy days.  I've so enjoyed seeing him and his wife hanging around our backyard.


Monday, April 20, Quarantine Day #27:


google image

    How I WISH I did not know what this is a picture of...

    I. Am. OVER. THIS.!!!

    Everyone has their breaking point, and I reached mine today.  I am struggling.  Today was supposed to be the day Indiana's stay-at-home quarantine was lifted, but now it's been extended (not surprisingly, but definitely disappointingly) to May 1.  Ten more days.

    What I hate most about this whole thing is how it has brought out the worst in people:  hoarding, fighting, selfishness, criticizing, hatefulness, division, meanness, intolerance of anyone who isn't caught up in the pandemic hysteria.  It's pitting friends against friends, family against family, even church family against church family.  People are saying (especially on social media...I've unblocked several "friends" because of their rudeness and name-calling) and doing things that are out of character.  Or maybe this stress is causing people to show their true character...I don't know.  All I know is that I am SO OVER IT all.

    I did have a couple of great things happen today.  I got a very unexpected, first-time phone call from a fairly new friend who just wanted to chat, and we had a lovely conversation that made me smile.  Then I got to visit with Mama for a half hour or so, and that made me smile too.  Mama is 3 weeks post-injury and is slowly recovering.  She looked happy and that makes me happy!



    After seeing Mama, I headed to check out the Summit Lake eagles.  Not the best shots in the world (several other cars there prevented me from getting great position), but one of the parents was feeding the chick.  Not sure how many chicks there are, but I did see one gray fuzzy little head poking up from the nest.

    AMAZING!!!  And shooed my Covid blues away for a little while.

    Trying to hang in there for 10 more days...



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