Still Easter

COVID Chronicles, Part 3


Tuesday, April 7, Quarantine Day #14:

    God gave us a couple of fantastic weather days this week...and when I walk outside and soak up the warm sunshine, everything feels normal.

    The apricot trees are blooming and the peaches, cherries, apples, and pears are getting ready to burst open.  Just like they always do in April!



      Despite all the virus craziness that surrounds us, spring is still springing.  The robin doesn't watch the news 24/7 and has not a care in the world except finding his next worm.  I want to be like that robin, carefree and trusting, living in the moment.


Wednesday, April 8, Quarantine Day #15:

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    Another absolutely GORGEOUS day...sunshine and high temperature in the low 80s!  Can we just bottle up these days, because we all know they won't last?

    My sweet friend Gerri and her daughter Courtney, two great photographers, did a front porch photo project and we were lucky enough to get on their list.  They popped by, hollered "hello" and took a few shots, then were on their way.  


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    I think the photos turned out pretty good, for a couple of old codgers like us.  Kim didn't even complain about coming in and getting cleaned up for the brief photo shoot.  And...I was able to sit on his lap without crushing him!

    I am grateful for the Fearsome Foursome I play tennis with every Wednesday morning.  That, along with my weekly Zoom coffee time with my girlfriends, helps keep me sane.  I NEED my peeps!


Thursday, April 9, Quarantine Day #16:


    The queen is dead.

    There is nothing more frustrating than getting a brand new hive of bees and then discovering a few days later that the queen died before she ever made it out of her cage.

    It is a bee emergency situation, as the hive will not survive without its queen.  After a few semi-frantic phone calls (you can't just go to a store and buy a new queen), I finally located someone with some queens and Kim and I made the drive to the other corner of the county for a new queen bee.

    That whole fiasco pretty much consumed my Thursday.



    Kim and I ended Maundy Thursday watching Passion of the Christ and then taking communion via Facebook Live with our church family.  Such a tough movie to watch...and so amazing that God loves me that much to send His Son to die in my stead.

    All these "trials" we are going through right now are nothing, nothing at all in comparison.... 


Friday, April 1o, Quarantine Day #17:

    We knew the beautiful weather would not last.  A blustery couple of days following a stormy night...


    I had to make a bank run to Mama's bank in Hagerstown, so I took the backroads home.  A drive in the country always soothes my soul, and I had to stop and snap a quick photo of these beautiful daffodils blooming along a split rail fence in front of a tiny country cemetery where a few of my relatives are buried.

    Watched the Good Friday message via Facebook.  Our Pastor CJ is making the most of a bad situation and doing his messages creatively offsite.  Not the Easter week he had envisioned, I know....


Saturday, April 11, Quarantine Day #18:

    I spent the morning working at church and got to hug on Emily's children when they stopped by.  Not much to show as far as productivity the rest of the day.  All these days seem to be running together with not much to show for them...

    The highlight of our day was definitely dinner at Kristoffer and Dana's.  I'm so thankful we have them to share this quarantine with!


Sunday, April 12, Quarantine Day #19:

    EASTER Sunday!!!  He is RISEN, indeed!!!


    No pandemic is going to change that fact!  Again, God answered our prayers and held off the rain...



...so we could have a wonderful worship service from our church parking lot.



So thankful for our fantastic worship team!!!

You know it's Indiana when your stage is a hay wagon...



    After church, we had Easter lunch at the cabin and, of course, the traditional Easter egg hunt.

    It was a great day all around!!!


Monday, April 13, Quarantine Day #20:


    So here we are, having made it through our third full week of Covid-19 restrictions.

    Kim and I spend a lot of time just enjoying our backyard bird friends, especially our bluebird couple.


    They have finally warmed up to their new feeder, where I give them live mealworms every day for lunch.



    I barely have time to make it back up on the porch before they're heading that way.  I told Kassie and Kelsey that by the end of the summer, I'd have them eating the worms out of the palm of my hand.  They don't believe me...challenge accepted!

    And...in the BEST news of the day...this headline in Monday's Indianapolis Business Journal:

Revised COVID-19 model says Indiana already hit peak for hospitalizations


    Maybe this pandemic nightmare will be over sooner than later.  I'm SOOOOO ready!!!



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