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COVID Chronicles, Part 2


Tuesday, March 31, Day 7 of "official quarantine":

    After a celebratory Monday of selling the County Line homestead, I was still in high spirits as I drove to Hagerstown to deposit the big realty check in Mama's bank. 

    On the way home, I drove the backroads to visit the Summit Lake eagles (another post with more photos later in the week...) and other critters around there.  Seeing the eagles always thrills me, and I was feeling very happy when my cell phone rang on the way home.  Kim was calling with bad news...Mama had fallen in her apartment at Forest Ridge and seriously injured her shoulder, and was enroute via ambulance to Henry County Hospital.

    So much for high spirits and happiness...both can be fleeting...



    I did not expect to get to see Mama, but after a brief screening they let me go back to her room in the ER.  (The ER doctor later told me that after that evening, no one would be allowed back into ER except the patients themselves...understandable...but patients like Mama need someone to advocate for them)  

    As it turns out, Mama broke her upper arm bone just below the ball, shattering lots little pieces of bone into the surrounding tissue.  They decided to send her home in a sling and I was to follow up with the ortho doctor the next day as to treatment options.  My sister Barb and I were prepared to go stay with her at Forest Ridge for however long she needed us, but due to the virus restrictions the director nixed that idea.  So then I decided I'd just bring her back to my house to recuperate.  But Mama insisted she wanted to go back to her place at Forest Ridge, so we arranged for the staff to assist her there as needed and I reluctantly delivered her back there that evening.

    Meanwhile, Kamaron and Anique came over for supper.  We already had everything in the works when Mama's accident happened so we still wanted them to come.  I was hoping to be home in time, but didn't make it.  Another disappointment, as I hadn't spent much time with the children since all this began.

    I don't think any of us slept much that night...so frustrating on so many levels....

Wednesday, April 1, Quarantine Day #8:

    We were all hoping this whole COVID-19 thing was a HUGE terrible April Fool's joke, but no...

    So today I began my monthly 72-hour fast.  My brother Mark was fasting on the same schedule as me, so that is very motivating.  After the last few days I KNOW I need as much autophagy as I can get to stave off dementia.  Bring on that cell regeneration!!!  Plus I could use a little more mental clarity right now, for sure.

    After checking on Mama's condition (she was doing okay except lots of pain), I played indoor tennis with the fearsome foursome...boy, did I EVER need that therapy!  Felt so good just to quit thinking about everything except hitting a tennis ball for 90 minutes.

    I checked in on Mama via phone several times during the day.  She's resting and trying to relax...about all she can do at this point.  So very thankful for the sweetest staff member who Mama loves named Tyera.  Tyera was there when Mama went by ambulance, and it was into her care that I entrusted Mama when we got home from the hospital.  She is an angel in disguise...so very thankful for her!

    I finally got to talk to the orthopedic doctor assigned to Mama.  What a nice surprise to know that it is Kyle Siewert, who graduated from Blue River just a couple of years ahead of Kristoffer.  His mother was the Shenandoah Spanish teacher for all of my kids, so I sorta feel like I know him.  He was very nice and articulate, and after discussing Mama's condition we mutually decided to let it heal on its own.  She will likely lose some range of motion, but hopefully she will eventually be able to do what she needs to do.  

    The church Elders met through a Zoom video conference to finalize plans for Easter week.  We are all beginning to settle in, although reluctantly, to the new temporary "normal".

Thursday, April 2, Quarantine Day #9:


    The day started off on a fun note as our baby chicks arrived in the mail...50 little adorable fuzz-balls!  We didn't get any chicks last year, and I have to admit I kinda missed having them.

    Considering Mama's situation, Barb thought it would be wise to change out her iPhone (which she struggled using anyway) for a regular easy-to-use handset phone.  We'd talked with Mama about it a month before, but she was reluctant to change.  Honestly, she has a lot of trouble learning new things these days...even if they are simpler.  Being in Bloomington, Barb did all the phone call arrangements and I did the local leg work.


    Who would've thought I've have to wait 40 minutes in the Verizon store to get someone to wait on me?  Barb had already made all of the arrangements, I was just doing a pick-up.  These two customers were high maintenance...

Mamaarm-11 Mamaarm-3

Mamaarm-14 Mamaarm-12

    To pass the waiting time, Barb and I did copy-cat selfies back and forth...

...which is all fun and good until another customer comes in and looks at me a little strangely...

    Yep, I'm going cray-cray, lady!  Stay away, stay very far away (at least the "required" 6 feet!)...

Friday, April 3, Quarantine Day #10:


    Finally...a nice calm day.  It was gorgeous outside, so enjoyed some sun therapy and did another stripe on my afghan.  This is a kit club...every month I receive the supplies and instructions to do 3 stripes.  By the end of the year I'll have a beautiful sampler afghan.

    Ironically, just last week I ordered 2 more of these very same kits...for Mama and me to work on together.  She wants to crochet so badly but struggles with it.  My plan was to sit down beside her and work on it together and I could lead her through it.  I received the 1st month's kits this week, but now Mama's right hand is out-of-commission for awhile.  Sigh....

Saturday, April 4, Quarantine Day #11:

    At 6:30 am I got a call from Tyera...


...some time in the night Mama decided she'd had enough of the sling and she took her scissors and cut it off.

Yikes!  What are we going to do with her?!

So I made a trip to Walgreens to get her a new sling, as well as a few other supplies.


    But I was SO THANKFUL to get to see her and especially see her smiling, despite her situation.

Mamaarm-6 Mamaarm-5

   As her doctor predicted, her arm became bruised and swollen all the way down to her hand.  It looked horrible, but I guess that's part of the healing.  I'm glad Mama couldn't really see how awful it looks!

    Kim and I went to church to listen to Pastor CJ record his sermon...perfect timing as I sure needed some Jesus salve for my weary soul after the week I've had.

Sunday, April 5, Quarantine Day #12:

    Nothing like family to cheer me up...had Kristoffer's and Emily's families over for lunch.  We all enjoyed a break in the routine, I think...

    Kim and I drove to Fortville to pick up our new package of honeybees.  Both of last year's hives mysteriously died in February/March...I'm getting to be a very disheartened beekeeper, but I'm trying once again.


    But...in happier news, I am quite sure the bluebirds are moving in!  Mrs. BB is making her nest while Mr. BB is supervising...and probably telling her she's doing it wrong.

    And they are finally getting warmed up to the new feeder and enjoying the mealworms I put out for them each day.  I'm so excited about our new bluebird family!

Monday, April 6, Quarantine Day #13:


    This is what 2 weeks of quarantine will do to a semi-sane person.  Now we are raising mealworms.



    My little bluebirds are already spoiled.  If they want mealworms to eat, mealworms they shall have.



    My own little mealworm farm.  Desperate times bring on a little more wackiness...



    I did make a morning run to Summit Lake...


...the reflections were mesmerizing.  I do love me a great reflection!


    And I saw the eagles too!  Of course as soon as I packed my camera away and walked toward the car, he took off flying right past me.  One of these days I will capture him in action!

But not this day...


    But I did get to see a group of the migrating white pelicans.  They were on the other side of Summit Lake, almost out of the reach even of my honkin'-big (no pun intended!) camera lens.  Still a highlight to my morning.


    Sometimes you gotta find a little silliness to survive this world! 

    I've got that covered!



Terri Chapman

Ken and I go out and watch the Eagles every year. The eggs just hatched ...so get your camera ready for some baby feedings :)


Those Bluebirds are so special!!!

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