God's Got This
They Will Come

One Last Cup


Yesterday, as the COVID-19 prevention/panic continues, the governor of Indiana ordered all restaurants and bars in the state to close until further notice.

Apparently, Governor Holcomb was not aware of our coffee plans.

Every week our group of friends meets for coffee at the local diner The Iron Kettle.  And yesterday afternoon was coffee day.

There was a heaviness in the air of the Kettle, as the owner and her employees stewed over what the future holds.  For the girls that work there, losing their waitress/cook jobs are a huge blow as they depend on that income to pay their bills.  My heart goes out to them and the thousands of other workers across the state that are losing their jobs right and left...the very people who need the money most.  

But it is out of our hands, and we all just have to deal with this bad situation and help each other as best we can.  Hopefully it won't last long and life can get back to "normal" sooner than later.

Despite the sadness, our waitress Jenny smilingly served us coffee as usual and snapped this photo for us.  Teacher Amy made sure to provide hand sanitizer for the occasion, one final coffee time at the Kettle until this unnerving moment in history is behind us.

And boy, after the craziness of the past week or so, we sure did need...

...that one last cup.



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