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Mama Turns 84


Ice sculpture-1

Yes, I arrived home from warm sunny Kenya...and this is what greeted me.

But yesterday March came in like a lamb with sunshine and warmer temperatures, and already nearly all the snow and ice is gone.

And I thought it was a fitting analogy and backdrop for an update on my new-found intermittent fasting way of life.

I'm in the middle of a major meltdown...in a very good way!

Today, March 2, officially marks 3 months/13 weeks into this journey to health.  And, wow, has it been more than I'd even dared to hope for after a LONG history of diet failures and roller-coasting weight!  I truly believe I have FINALLY discovered a sustainable and healthy way of living for the rest of my lifetime.

As of this morning, I am flirting on the cusp of a 50-pound weight release...officially down 49.2 pounds!!!  Those are not pounds lost but pounds permanently released, as I never will "find" them again.  I'm not sure yet what my goal weight truly is (I feel sure my body will tell me when I've "arrived"), but I'm definitely over 2/3 of the way there.

Although I mix it up quite a bit depending on my schedule, my basic plan has been two 24-hour fasts each week (Monday and Friday) with a couple of 48-72 hour fasts each month.  On my eating days, I'm doing a loose version of ketogenic diet, not eating breads or sweets but allowing myself carbohydrates in limited quantities of fruits and veggies.  Staying away from processed foods as much as possible  And absolutely no snacking.

It is by far the easiest weight-loss plan I've ever done.  No calorie-counting, no exercise required.  

Kim is on board too, although he is not nearly as restrictive with his food choices on eating days as I am.  And he has not done any fasts over 24 hours.  But he has lost over 30 pounds himself, and now weighs less than he has in 15 years.  He still has a ways to go too, but he's very pleased with the results.

As if the weight loss is not enough in itself, I have noticed LOTS of other benefits over the past 3 months:

***much decreased inflammation throughout my body, resulting in generally fewer aches and pains

***lingering pain from my complete hip replacement 2 years ago has nearly completely subsided

***clearer skin and eyes

***I can comfortably cross my legs again!  :)

***much more energy throughout the day, even during my fasting days

***I believe my immune system is stronger, as I have not been sick at all since beginning this way of life

***I'm pulling out clothes that I'd "outgrown" from the back of my closet and wearing them again!

***even though I can't see it, I feel confident that lots of good things are happening inside me, like cell regeneration and brain cell repair through autophagy, which to me is even more important than losing weight due to the strong family incidence of dementia/Alzheimer's

I'm generally FEELING GREAT!!!  

And so-very-grateful for my...




Gerri Shewmaker

Wow! What an accomplishment! You are amazing, and I'm so thankful for you!

House Mark

I love hearing your success stories.... it take will-power to fast, but the results are worth it! It’s not all on the scale numbers, and like you said.... that is the great stuff going on inside us!
Keep it up!


Love your outlook Terry & having Kim on board must make it simpler in the cooking. So proud of your discipline!
Love you:)


Go Terry!! I'm so glad for our "fast friends!"


So happy and proud of you mom! Keep up the good work yourself and encouraging others, including me. 😊

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