They Will Come
Long, Long Ago in a Land Far Away...



Am I the only one who has felt a little discombobulated this week???

Maybe more than "a little"...

And yes, to those who are wondering..."discombobulated" is really a legit word.  It means "confused, upset, frustrated"...yes, yes, and YES!!!

It feels like the world has been turned upside down and no one has any idea just when it will be righted again.  Like everyone else, Kim and I are pretty much stuck at home.  We so appreciated that we are blessed to have a nice place to stay, plenty of food and supplies, the internet and TV, a whole stack of books just waiting to be read, and oodles of projects that I could do.  But I've just not been motivated to accomplish anything.  I find myself just kinda wandering around (either physically or mentally or both!) trying to decide what I should be doing.

Yep.  I'm definitely discombobulated.

But since it's looking like this is our new "normal" for at least another week (and probably longer), I am trying to get myself right-side-up again.  Next week I'm going to make myself work through all those boxes of stuff from Mama's house that I just haven't felt like tackling yet.  And I'm starting a new book.  The garage needs to be cleaned out, if we have some nice weather.  And I do have a couple of puzzles I'll pull out because even Kim can only watch so much television....

Strange and crazy times we are living in.

We're all temporarily...




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