Playing with Passion

These Two


It's been 21 months since God brought these two precious little ones into our lives.

I wish I could show you their darling faces, but since they are foster children and wards of the State of Indiana, right now I can't.  But trust me when I say just looking into their eyes and seeing their exuberant smiles just melts this Gramaw's heart every time.

I don't know all the circumstances surrounding their biological parents.  And I really don't want to know. 

What I DO know is that our entire family has embraced them and we love them as our own!

A huge shout-out to my daughter and her husband who have opened their home and hearts to these littles for as long as God allows them to stay!  Foster parenting is hard, I think in many ways much harder than regular parenting.  So many rules to follow and it takes emotional strength to put your whole hearts into children that could be sent back to their biological parents on the whim of a judge.  

Foster-parenting is certainly not for the feint of heart, and I'm so very proud of the way our daughter and son-in-law are allowing God to use them for this very important role.

Only God knows the future plans He has for this little girl and boy.  Until He makes His plans known to us, we will shower as much loving care and teaching about Jesus and His love as we possibly can into the hearts and minds of...

...these two.




Such a sweet picture...thanks for always loving on them!


Such precious children in wonderful hands ❤️

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